Acer Aspire S13, the Best laptop for under 700

People require laptop with much faster, smarter, and much easier feature to utilize. Today, laptop has upgrade technology with touchscreen mode on screen. You can access it without utilizing track pad and also keyboard. That is what you obtain from Acer Aspire S13. It is the best laptop for under 700 with many functions and technology to support everyday computing or heavy task.

Acer may not particularly put this product as gaming laptop. However, the ability and specs can not be overlooked for gaming. Therefore, list of the best gaming laptop for under 700 should have its name. The processor is Intel Core i5 7500U with capability 2.5 GHz and it is capable to reach 3.5 GHz with Turbo Boost. Its Random Access Memory is LPDDR3 with capacity 8 GB and 256 GB SSD for internal storage. From those specifications, this laptop is capable to deal with multitasking and also gaming quickly. Moreover, SSD or Solid-State Drive offers quick ease of access on storage to deliver program, application, information, and files.

This gadget might look smaller than typical gaming laptop since the screen is just 13.3 inch. Nevertheless, it has vivid screen with resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels. That capability is enough to provide full HD display screen from Intel HD Graphics 620 as graphic core. The display screen has several features, which are widescreen, LED backlit, IPS, and touchscreen. User has the ability to use 10 fingers for multi touch mode. This is the reason that this device ends up being the top gaming laptop for under 700.

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In addition, connectivity counts on 802.11 air conditioning, Bluetooth 4.0, and USB 3.0. Other specifications include HDMI port, webcam, card reader, stereo speaker, jack audio, and finger print reader. HDMI port is feature to change the screen into external gadget. You can take pleasure in home entertainment and movie with stereo speaker that’s built in this laptop. For external headset, jack audio is ready with plug and play mode. The last function is fingerprint reader to keep the device at top security level. Those are features and additional specifications you get from Acer Aspire S13 as the top gaming laptop under 700.

With slender and thin style, this laptop is very flexible to bring around anywhere. It is also light-weight to put within knapsack or laptop case. To support every task and work, Acer utilizes lithium polymer batter with capability to keep up to 13 hours. You do not have to stress over charging when dealing with this laptop. Cost effective cost and advanced specifications are the reasons to put Acer Aspire S13 as one of the top gaming laptops under 700.

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