Asus FX504 Gaming Laptop at Affordable Price

The fast advancement of technology, obviously, is followed by the advancement of entertainment and gaming system. Over the last ten years, gaming platform competitors is getting tighter, both from the console and PC side. For the console itself, lots of developments in terms of hardware have been done. Seeing this, Asus did not want to stay put. It also began to launch numerous gaming laptops to get in the competition of gaming platform with the console. Among its efforts is to introduce the best gaming laptop under 700, called Asus FX504.

What distinguishes Asus FX504 with other top gaming laptops under 700 is the inexpensive rate with unexpected specifications. Beginning with the design, FX504 has strong and tough material, giving high resilience in playing the video game. The thing that takes the next eye is keyboard. Geared up with red backlit and tactile pushing, this keyboard is comfortable when pressed, however resilient. Log into internal parts, it is equipped with 8th generation Intel processor with the speed of 4.0 GHz. This popular processor is really powerful and capable for running heavy games, particularly when accompanied by famous graphic card GTX 1050.

For efficiency, this top gaming laptop under 700 is equipped with 8 GB of DDR4 Random Access Memory; definitely can make your applications and multitasking work quickly. In addition, the storage capacity utilizes 1 TB Solid-State Drive, which offers a substantial influence on the speed and ability to run applications from the FX504, even reaching 5x from normal HDD in optimal state. Get in the screen sector, your eyes will be ruined with LED-lit, Full HD 15.6 “screen.

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With many remarkable specifications, there is certainly a big question in your mind: how does the best gaming laptops under 700 overcome the heat created by these elements? Unwind, thanks to the HyperCool function, this device can discover the “unhealthy” temperature level and instantly turn the fan in full-speed. Thermal sensing units linked to the ADC system also help get rid of the dust and foreign particles that accumulate in vent. For that reason, the air flow path is safe. In addition, there is likewise a devoted cooling fan for graphics cards and processors separated from the main fan, so the heat created can be easily transported outside.

For pricing issues, you can get Asus FX504 for $699 on your favorite online merchant sharing. Obviously, ASUS FX504 be the best choice when speaking about the best gaming laptop for under 700. If you desire to suppress the expense even more, there are numerous alternatives with various requirements.

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