Asus GL551JW Laptop Review

Asus Have Been known for their fete in Creating top gaming Notebook Versions on earth. Through time, this has stayed their land and also the Asus GL551JW version is merely a part of the successful story.

This is a remarkably hot deal in the gaming world. In this Asus GL551JW inspection, I’ll explain to you why it is true to say that this is a leading brand in the gaming market. Sad to say, the price comes at a price beyond the standard gaming machines at the business.

Asus GL551JW Laptop Review

The hot and well-built machine combines powerful performance with A vibrant screen, stealth-fighter-themed chassis, along with a keyboard. In all honesty, we wanted their battery life was more. The left side becomes hot when playing also.

The Most Recent panel of ROG apparatus in the marketplace has left a spur. The multimedia laptop is built for numerous jobs with gaming in its core. It includes quality attributes best suited to gaming. It’s made in a compact manner, and its 3kg weight is one of the very best in the marketplace nowadays.

Its functionality is top-notch Due to its enormous System memory along with a potent quad-core chip.

The device handles multiple jobs simultaneously within an Effective method. The requirement to store bulky multimedia documents and programs isn’t a problem as a result of the 256GB SSD along with a traditional 2TB HDD. Every participant wants to run onto a powerful GPU, which is exactly what your brand new Asus GL551JW machine must offer: it’s a dedicated graphics memory to guarantee excellent gaming without lags.

The broad 17.3″ Full HD screen ensures that you have a Magnificent gaming time whilst using this system.

To put things into perspective, the Asus GL551JW name is sold From the company’s high-end Republic of Gamers (ROG) brand. ) The most recent deal may manage top and modern games at 1080 with no hitches and prices inside $1,000. The powerful machine is designed to work nicely for players and other imaginative tasks.

The Design and Build

The ergonomically designed gaming gear for Asus GL551JW Machines has obtained many of its rivals by surprise. There’s an unbelievable balance between a gaming notebook along with also a subtle smartness. In all its ROG collection, Asus has preserved a benchmark because of its own design. The lid comes from a dark mottled plastic which has a brushed alloy center-panel that communicates the RPG emblem.

Throughout the inside is black while the emblem, letters, Trackpad and the keyboard backlighting are surrounded by reddish the very best place above the keyboard is adorned with a layered pattern that’s proven to have been motivated by South American tribes.

Regardless of the aluminum lid, then That’s claimed to have been Motivated from the F-22 fighter airplane, along with the ROG machines haven’t spent in a sleek shell in comparison to its rivals on the marketplace. It steps 15.1 x 10.1 x 1.3 inches which makes it a tiny bit wider than other 15-inch gaming laptops. The likes of Dell Inspiron 15 700 and Acer Aspire V15 Nitro Black Edition weigh significantly less than the Asus GL551JW.

There’s some silver patterning That’s Been added to attract Some flair into the ROG machines’ black metal deck. This complements the black red backlighting to produce the gaming powerhouse a genuine thing. There’s a detailing on the vent that strengthens the red-and-black color scheme — it functions as a reminder to prevent this place, which might get quite hot while gaming.asus-rog

Keyboard and Touchpad

Asus GL551JW is made for performance. Gaming is enjoyable, and The decorated Asus ROG keyboard adds to that. There’s an Excess group of reddish highlight across the W, A, S, and D keys. Throughout our reviews, it felt snappy typing on the dark plastic keys. The num pad into the right was squeezed to permit the 10 keys, which are shrunk by nearly half the size. On the scanning test, I handled a trendy 83 words per minute after a minute utilizing the keyboard. In virtually all ROG machines, the computer keyboard design is comparable.

Our team Couldn’t identify any visible or visual difference. The keyboard is ideal for gaming.

There’s a complicated impression that comes with computer keyboard design. The evenly dispersed reddish illumination makes the whole design modern and among its type. The lighting may be dimmed in 3 measures or totally deactivated. All keys are created out of an anti-slip surface making it effortless to use.

The touchpad includes a shallow backlighting, not such as the keyboard. On the other hand, the 4.1 x 2.75-inch touchpad includes a comparable responsiveness level. Throughout the inspection, my clicks, swipes, and multitouch expressions were correctly and promptly enrolled. This comprised the two-finger scrolling. The ClickPad surface is smooth and nicely sized for simple use. Despite slightly moist palms, the touchpad works fine.

Gaming on a Full HD 15.6 or 17.3″ screen is a thrilling experience. This is an excellent gaming screen for the majority of gamers. It’s utterly ideal thinking about the inadequate experience on lower resolutions along with also the rough standing for mobile GPUs in greater resolutions. The Asus GL551JW uses a TN panel, and this can be matte. The decided brightness of 289 cd/m is a typical one for this particular sequence.

Regrettably, on a dim image, the backlight lighting Can be viewed on either side. This is because of the 82% brightness supply. Luckily, it’s even and hence not contemplated display bleeding. Watching videos with dim passages could be bothersome on this display. The comparison level is exemplary due to a blend of low black levels and higher maximum brightness which offer 1156:1. To put matters into perspective, just Lenovo and Acer can cope with this.

You will find wealthy blacks as well as more glowing while the HP and MSI Have an problem with high black worth.

DeltaE colour deviations of 12 or more are typical for TN panels. The grayscale measured 8 and 6. You will find 15.6″ screen joys offering better precision, spot-on colours, and brightness. This is an perfect device for gaming and watching films.

The screen is non-touch and includes matte coating. The ASUS ROG display doesn’t have own reflection issues. The DeltaE error rate of 0.7 is completely perfect, and the screen offers more color precision than V15 Nitro (1.0) though Inspiron 15 7000 had greater outcomes of 0.4.

Display brightness to the Asus display stood in 272 nits. This was only nicks supporting the Acer V15 Nitro in 289 nits. On the opposing side, the device done better than the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 in its 222 nits. The colour range spanned 116.2% of this sRGB spectrum. The two Inspiron along with the V15 Nitro trailed with 70 and 115 percent respectively.

Audio and Heat

Featuring the SonicMaster technology that Offers high-fidelity, Loaded sound, the ASUS ROG GTX960M stereo will delight you. It’s a brilliant mix for any gamer while viewing films.

Streaming HD out of Hulu may not be demanding for ASUS ROG machines. On the flip side, gaming triggers the device overheats on the abandoned side.Asus GL551JW inspection


The effective gaming system includes a strong GPU. It’s Accurate to state; you can barely find a much better bargain compared to the GTX 960M images memory which accompanies the Asus GL551JW gaming notebook. The committed NVIDIA GeForce has 2GB vRAM which makes it a master in its own level. The GPU scored a trendy 4,095 on 3DMark’s Fire Strike artificial images evaluation.

The device performed at level with V15 Nitro whose rating was 4,069 and Inspiron 15 7000’s 3,929. The device was able to perform 1920 x 1080 configurations getting 59 fps on the reduced settings. This was precisely the same with the majority of the contest. To the contrary, the operation was much greater while pumped on top graphics, providing the competition a minimum of 20 fps margin.

Powered with a 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7-6700 HQ chip, the machine Runs to a 16GB RAM and 1 TB HDD. All these are Fantastic specifications to create the Machine a gaming monster. It can manage multiple jobs at Precisely the Same time while Gaming without lag. The HDD rates are in 720 RPM against V15 Nitro and Inspiron 15 7000 whose rates are 5400 RPM.

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