Asus K501UX Laptop Review

Made for Excellent gaming, the Asus K501UX Notebook delivers Stable performance way over its rivals on the marketplace. With this Asus gaming notebook, you can be sure of a smooth experience. It provides an excellent gaming signature on top settings thanks to its 15-inch Full HD display display.

It’s the GTX 950M NVIDIA GeForce graphics card for sublime performance. The machine was designed to adapt different jobs such as daily and media tasks when playing.

Asus K501UX Laptop Review

Even though the Dell Inspiron i7559-2512BLK gaming system comes Using a legitimate Quad Core-i5 chip, the K501UX gaming notebook provides stiff competition with its double Core-i7 processing capacity.

Worth noting is that the incredibly friendly price . Even though It includes top attributes, this Asus K501UX costs far less than many of its economy rivals. It’s lived to establish its possible in the gaming world.

There’s tons of interesting things on this particular PC. It features A number of the planet’s latest features, especially the 6th creation (Skylake) chip. This produces the Asus lineup a monster in gaming as well as other tasks. Since it’ll be emphasized below, the adequate system memory and graphics make it a trustworthy system for contemporary PC users. It provides sufficiently which makes it a coveted option on the industry.

Characteristics and Design

The brushed aluminum cover of this Asus K501UX Doesn’t deviate In the Asus famous design. It’s been fairly steady over several the iterations. On the other hand, the new entrant comes in a classy dark blue metallic cover which has a hairy end. It weighs 4.4 lbs and steps 0.9 by 15.0 by 10.0 inches. It’s far lighter and thinner in comparison to Dell Inspiron i7559, its principal market rivalry. This is the system for anybody searching for portability and functionality in 1 package.

The Asus gaming notebook Includes a Full HD resolution Supported from the non-touch 15.6-inch matte TN-display. This is the best machine for specialist video and picture editing. The full size chiclet keyboard is backlit. It’s an intuitive touchpad using a stunning audio output. If you adore exteriors, then you are going to die to your K501UX imagination. It’s a set of 2.0 and 3.0 USB interfaces, 1 HDMI-out interface — to join with HDTV or outside screen – along with an SD card reader. With the majority of makers doing away with outside DVD/CD drives, it’s not a surprise to find that the Asus K501UX missing one: you may download your utility software over the internet.Asus-k501ux

Connecting to the Web is really on an RJ-45 Ethernet interface or the 802.11 A/C WiFi. You will like Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. The VGA camera permits you to talk about and match at precisely the exact same moment. The 3-cell battery may last you 5 hours. It’s a suitable device for daily tasks and will not let you down.

Ports and Connectivity

In Today’s world, a Fantastic notebook must feature adequate connectivity. It must allow enough interfaces for outside relations and media. This is just what an perfect machine such as Asus k501ux notebook supplies you with. The machine is made using two USB 2.0 interfaces and yet another two USB 3.0 interfaces. The device includes an HDMI out interface which enables high definition output when connected with a outside screen. Employing this notebook with an HD TV is very impressive. An SD card reader can be current. Like many modern systems, there’s absolutely not any DVD/CD drive in this laptop. I have never found this to be a problem, however. We’ve come a very long way, and many producers are currently shelving this attribute. Together with OS being downloaded straight from the cloud, this attribute is no more a requirement.

Link to the World Wide Web is obviously quite important for Your brand new notebook computer. The ASUS K501UX notebook includes the RJ-45 interface for LAN connections plus a super-speed 802.11 A/C WiFi adaptor for wireless links. It’s possible to share files on the Bluetooth thanks to this Bluetooth 4.0 connector. If you like gaming and perform a lot of different jobs, this is the best device for you. It’s quality link ports for your link to other machines also.

Every participant is Searching for an Unbelievable machine that can Play at high processing rates and superior memory. This is exactly what Asus K501UX is providing you! It includes 2.5 GHz Skylake (sixth-generation) Intel Core i7-6500U chip which may be promoted to 3.1 GHz on Turbo and an 8GB RAM. The machine performs exceptionally by virtue of the different NVIDIA GTX950M graphics card which has 2GB DDR3 memorycard. The dual core chip gives top speed functionality that’s obtained a whopping 4300 stage on CPU Mark points. This is an adequate performance for a laptop. The massive system memory and graphics card make sure your gaming experience is smooth without any lags whatsoever. The attributes work coherently to provide excellent performance on all of your everyday activities.

The 256GB SSD makes it quicker than the customary HDD. The 8GB RAM and also the 4GB modules which is stuck onto the board which makes it 12GB of system memory and may be extended. The GeForce graphics card guarantees you have quality gaming screen at Full HD (1080p). You can make certain to get around 30 FPS.

This notebook delivers quality gaming Because of a mix Of attributes: rapid processing speed, higher system memory, and adequate graphics memory. It is not as costly compared to the majority of competitions on the marketplace. It’s mobile and may be used for numerous jobs with no complications. It’s simple to use thanks to its interface and outside connectivity interfaces.

The Asus K501UX notebook paths the Dell Inspiron i7559-763BLK By ~7500 CPU Mark, as a result of this version’s Core i5 Quad-Core chip. Should you push your K501UX machine into the extremes, then you may not enjoy it. This machine can’t face off with its primary rival, Dell Inspiron i759-763BLK, with regard to memory. The contest provides a trendy 4GB GDDR5 NVIDIA GTX960M graphics card, hence greater gaming experience.

With Numerous jobs thrown at most notebooks now, ASUS K501UX notebook proved to operate tremendously well. Our inspection team underwent no mishaps during its top use. In most respects, this system has lived to its own expectations. It can manage multiple office tasks, amusement and stream reside HD videos across the net with lags. It doesn’t overheat even in maximum use. The operation here is unquestionably everything you have been on the lookout for in a modern notebook. Multi-tasking is a phrase that’s been placed to work within this machine. It’s enough RAM allowing concurrent tasks to do in a go.k501ux-laptop

Why It’s a Good Fete

If you’re a normal gamer, then this is the machine. 1 thing Is for certain: nobody purchases a notebook for only 1 task. ASUS K501UX notebook is made for an assortment of tasks. It’s fantastic for tasks that require enormous processing capability. Its Intel Core i7-6500U, 6th creation (Skylake) chip will deliver in each circumstance. The processing device clocks around 2.5GHz and could be fostered to 3.1GHz on turbo. It’s a great laptop for advanced users. It’s possible to see movies, stream live on the net and navigate all day. It’s an excellent device for daily tasks such as office tasks.

With a great RAM of all 8GB, I believed that the Huge memory was Sufficient to accommodate multiple tasks simultaneously. A fantastic thing to notice is that of the RAM memory, 4GB is memorycard. The rest of the 4GB is removable. The memory could be expanded to 12GB which makes this a monster system. Its large 256GB SSD (Solid-state driveway ) is sufficient for launch programs. It’s quick and very effective. You could even add outside hard-drive if desired.

Working with a large, 15.6″ touch-screen HD screen is nothing Less than a contemporary method of doing things. It may be the simplest method for professionals to perform their tasks like video and image editing. It includes a matte TN (Twisted Nematics) panel.

To Provide a insight, the images are all well-handled thanks to The NVIDIA GeForce GTX950M memorycard. The 2GB committed GDDR3 processor is sufficient to deliver excellent audio and gaming expertise. I found it rather appealing even on fresh titles such as GTA5. Its Full HD resolution will only amaze you. With most games, the ASUS K501UX notebook is produced to reach around 60FPS.

Where it Drops

From the Interest of equity, this ASUS system Doesn’t come With massive defects. Its gaming functionality and connectivity attributes are of complex degrees. On the other hand, the line doesn’t contain the best features from the industry. Its functionality should clock better rates when the system is to be regarded as the ideal.

The device is resource-intensive. It is determined by immense Power to deliver satisfactorily. The chip, RAM, and quick storage require Sufficient battery capacity. The display also is Full HD, and also the screen needs more power. It requires a Fantastic battery to operate such a method and much more frequently, this can be a Disadvantage for this notebook.

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