Asus ROG GL552VW Laptop Review

The Brand New release from Asus is Your monster Gaming System Bearing the luxury Republic of Gamers new. It’s a package of what players are dreaming about. It may provide at Full HD (1080) with no hitch.

The Asus ROG GL552VW system is created for a Variety of tasks: it Can manage office and everyday amusement jobs conveniently. The potent device will just blow your mind away.

Asus ROG GL552VW Laptop Review

Asus ROG GL552VW is a mid sized gaming notebook that sits Involving the inexpensive gaming machines and luxury laptops. It, however, gets you the ideal effects thanks to its sound design.

The operation is excellent on current matches, and no Images sacrifices are required. The 15.6″ device combines the alluring design with good functionality and a stealth-fighter-themed chassis together with a lively screen in addition to a keyboard that is simple. This is the perfect package if you’re a hardcore gamer.


The aluminum lid is believed to have been motivated by an F-22 fighter airplane. The Asus ROG GL552VW, nevertheless, doesn’t feature a slick design compared to a few of its competitors. Measuring 15.1 from 10.1 by 1.3 inches, the system appears chunky. A number of those rival devices such as the Acer Aspire V15 Nitro Black Edition and Dell Inspiron 15 7000 seem younger. Concerning fat, the 5.6-pound ROG machine sits between the 5.9-pound Dell along with the 5.1-pound Acer.

The Asus gaming gear is obviously designed with keenness. There’s almost always a fantastic equilibrium between the smartness as well as the gaming aspect. The lid is dim; mottled vinyl brushed with alloy in the middle panel, the house into the ROG emblem. All of this Asus ROG GL552VW’s interior metal is black whereas the ROG emblem and keyboard backlighting, touchpad and the letters are all surrounded by reddish. There’s a layered pattern which decorates the place over the computer — it had been inspired by Mayan layouts. Worth notingthere are a range of instances that the ROG hardware was motivated by a South American tribe.

The Asus ROG GL552VW program looks, feels and is completely a Youthful style. It’s really a bargain and also an alternate to the bestselling gaming machines in the business. It’s smaller, cheap and rocks the ROG-series design. The brushed metal-style panel of this lid vinyl is a frequent characteristic for gaming laptops in Asus. There’s a high tech pattern painted on the interior around the computer keyboard. The keyboard backlight is reddish also.

When managing the Asus ROG GL552VW device, it seems a Bit harder and expensive. It’s a good hardware and constantly stands out from the remainder. There’s a feeling of cheapness round the flex-prone lid. To get a home-bound notebook, the interior matters a whole lot. With this notebook, the build is extremely strong. The outside design is merely contemporary. It includes USB-C port and other connectivity interfaces.

You will find adequate ports like the two USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 ports, a Gigabit Ethernet jack and there’s an HDMI socket. In the side, there’s an optical DVD writer drive allowing retail games on the CD to perform well. It’s possible to read out of SD card also on the bottom of this front.asus-rog-gl552

Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard is designed to perfection, particularly for Gamers. Though the Asus ROG GL552VW keyboard lacks the ultra-deep activity, it seems sound for a stunning experience when gaming or typing. There’s a soft border after clicking the keys although not spongy.

The keys are somewhat less apparent and less distracting as a Result of this red backlight. There’s an additional group of highlights in red for the W, A, S and D keys. The computer keyboard is standard and quite simple to learn. On the right, the numpad was squeezed a bit to adapt the 10-key Numpad. The keys are shrunk by nearly half because the space is superior.

On the flipside, the trackpad is a bit problematic. The size is great but has a suspicious button design and opinions. Before hitting the real button, there’s a soft region of the pad. It can enroll as you click on the mat. The 4.1 from 2.75-inch touchpad includes a fantastic degree of responsiveness. The pad may enroll swipes, clicks and multitouch gestures such as the two-finger scrolling.

The Screen

In the screen size to the resolution amounts of this Asus ROG GL552VW display, Asus took a fantastic deal of the time to supply the very best gaming screens in the business. It’s a 15.6-inch, 1920 by 1080 display. It includes high precision and spot-on colors in addition to improved brightness.

Watching films and gaming on this monster apparatus is just a Magnificent experience. Made using a non-touch matte coating, the display doesn’t have difficulties staring back in your reflection. The screen is very clear and provides true Full HD resolutions.

In Terms of the brightness, the Asus ROG GL552VW screen comes in 272 nits. We analyzed the system to fall short of this Acer’s V15 Nitro brightness at 289 nits and provide superior outcomes compared to the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 in 222 nits. The colour range spanned 116.2percent of this sRGB spectrum which makes it the very best from the harvest. Acer V15 Nitro scored 115 percent and just 70% to the Dell Inspiron 15 7000.

In other words, the display is worth its cost. The display uses the TN model. This is a classic technology when compared with the contemporary IPS technologies for tracks. It mainly includes bad viewing anglesfor the contemporary TN displays. Taking a look at the track from either left or right is no problem. This is not the same case when seen from higher or lower than square-on.

It tends to appear washed out or dark as it’s a shadow Cast on the display from the interior. For people who have used broad viewing angles such as pills, might find it a troubling feature.

There’s an issue with all the colour also, Because of this TN panel. Only 57 percent of those sRGB color gamut, 40 percent of DCI P3 and 39.4% of Adobe RGB are coated. The monitor isn’t among the finest in the business. On the other hand, the Delta-E mistake is at 0.23 because of standard calibration. The ROG machine includes a Delta-E error rate of 0.7, which can be more precise the 1.0 to get V15 Nitro and stays under the Inspiron 15 7000’s 0.4


Asus ROG GL552VW Includes SonicMaster technology that provides Wealthy and Hi-Fi sound. This is the best gaming combo. Both games and music are shallow. Throughout our inspection, we performed some songs and shifting from the many sound preferences; the encounter was wonderful. It is possible to try out the AudioWizard program to enjoy far better bass.


Asus ROG SpecsBuying a midsize gaming notebook Includes a Pack of snacks. The Asus ROG GL552VW deal provides high-performance outcomes. You can make certain to enjoy gaming whilst managing different jobs in the background without lag. The elements of the PC make it an all-purpose device which may juggle a number of tasks. In an overall understanding, the machine feels quickly and great in tackling daily tasks. There are a variety of facets which make up this brilliant device.

The storage area is adequate enough to save your Gaming documents. It includes a 256GB SSD and also an additional 1 TB hard disk. The mix is only adequate for all storage requirements. Loading and launch OS and other programs is quickly on the SSD memorycard. Your matches don’t need to take very long to execute. The conventional HDD supplies you with sufficient room to keep your audio and movie files, since launch them onto a premium SSD memory card wouldn’t be reasonable.

Developed by Intel Core i7-6700HQ CPU, the Asus ROG GL552VW System produces without collapse. It’s a gaming device that runs on a quad-core chip which could clock up to 2.6GHz. This is resource-intensive hence the bad battery life. Within our inspection on the PC Mark 8 Home in addition to the Geekbench 3 benchmarks, the device scored a trendy 3102 and 3164 respectively. The device can, consequently, deliver all tasks satisfactorily, without requesting any updates.

The devoted NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M graphics card will be your Monster supporting the strong GPU. It’s true to state that a gaming machine’s functionality is directly proportional to its GPU capacity. The present standard is far beyond what you can ask for its cost. It’s truly the best images deal for gaming on the marketplace right now.

Playing contemporary games in 1080p configurations, you can cross Everything and reach an average of 28.2fps. On reduced configurations of 720pyou can Reach a mean of 62fps. That is a setting perfect for noise but bad for visual.

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